Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How do I place an order for customized stickers?
Send us your artwork in the following file format, jpeg, pdf, ai or eps. 
Please indicate if you would like your sticker to be cut out, following the silhouette of your artwork or fill out in the form of a rectangular or circle. 
Do note that the maximum quantity for a customized order is 100 pieces. For orders above 100 pieces, please email us directly at
Email us should you require further guidance.
Disclaimer: While we strive to produce colours closest to your artwork, different device renders colours differently. Such situation are not within our control and we cannot be held responsible for the discrepancies of colour shades.
We may not be able to produce some order due to copyright issues.


What material are the sticker made of?

We use vinyl stickers, suitable for extended outdoor exposure for approximately 3 years.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity and how are the price determined for customize stickers?
There is no minimum order quantity. Price will be reduced with the increase of order quantity. Customizing of stickers are charged according to size and quantity. 
Do you provide number plate drilling services?
Yes, bring your number plates to our shop and we would be happy to assist. The drillings on your number plate would be done based on holes marked out by you. 
Why are my stickers pixelated?

The resolution quality of your uploaded artwork determines our ability to render the best results. Customization is done base on files provided to us. Should you require additional editing services, email us at
for a separate quote.

When can I receive my order? What are the delivery options available?
Orders are processed within 3-7 business days.
Upon completion, you would be notified by email. 
Delivery options:
1. Courier Service (Applicable for orders smaller than 33cm x 24cm x 6.5cm in size):
Completed orders will be dispatched to our courier partners within 2 business days. 
2. Self Collection (for all orders):
Please do inform us when you will be picking up your order.
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